Your future guests

Field worker's room, accommodation with dogs or cats - you are free to decide.

We will jointly lay down a requirements profile for your guests in our initial consultation so that you will have exactly the type of guests you prefer. That may be business travelers such as fair visitors or service engineers, but also students, young professionals or any type of private travelers. You decide whether your guests should stay for a few days only or for several weeks at a time. The latter applies more often than you might expect as many large enterprises in the Stuttgart region regularly approach Schwaben-Stern for private rooms and holiday flats for trainees, employees, service engineers or project teams.

You will, of course, also determine whether you provide accommodation to individual persons or to couples, families or groups as well. Do you prefer non-smoking guests? Do you allow accommodation together with dogs or cats, i.e., are your guests allowed to bring their pets? Would you like to offer family contact to your guests or would you rather leave them entirely on their own?

We are always ready to listen to your requests and ideas as a host. As we only provide you with guests meeting the requirements profile set up together, you will save the time-consuming search on your own and always have suitable guests.

Don't hesitate to contact us!

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