Having temporary guests instead of fixed tenants.

Rent out guest rooms or holiday flats and remain flexible!

Do you find it unfortunate that your guest room is frequently vacant? Have you always been dreaming of opening a small bed & breakfast business? Are you going abroad for at least six months and intend to sublet your apartment? Or do you own an apartment that you partially use for your own and thus do not want to rent out on a fixed basis? Renting out for a limited time allows you to have both. You can use your rooms yourself whenever you want to. And you can make money in the rest of the time. Does that sound attractive? Then why not become a host with Schwaben-Stern?

Schwaben-Stern - the agency for private rooms that is really worth the investment

Profit equals revenue minus costs. This is a well-known rule. If you intend to rent out a guest room or holiday flat, that means: The better the utilization and the lower the costs, the more you can earn. Both of these aspects are often underestimated: High utilization, for instance, does not happen by itself, especially if an accommodation has a regular standard and is situated outside the city center. Posting the offer on the internet and doing all the advertisement and administration work also means quite an effort.

This is where we come in - we take over the entire organization work from you including the tedious paperwork, ensure high utilization and also advise you in all issues of the equipment of your accommodation, care for your guests and anything else you need to know.

By the way: We are currently looking for new hosts as our customers show an enormous demand for tested Schwaben-Stern accommodations. Apply to us now - we will be pleased to welcome you!